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13 February 2012 @ 07:02 pm
Secret Hair Language  

During the 18th Century, there was such a thing called the Secret Fan Language. Because secret love affairs were common, a woman uses her fan to communicate with her lover without her parents knowing. (Here is a list of messages using the fan: http://www.ideco.com/fans2/language.htm and here are two HorribleHistories sketches to explain the nature of the Secret Fan Language better: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pv_PYfBZDHM and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pv_PYfBZDHM)
I bring this topic to light because my friends and I have revolutionized the Secret Fan Language. We have made our own Secret Fan Language that would be applicable to modern times: the Secret Hair Language.

The following is a list of messages you could convey with your hair.

Single – hair is down on the left side
Unavailable – hair is down on the right side
Single & Unavailable – hair is down on both sides
Taken yet open to multiple relationships – hair is down at the back
Get me out of here – twirling hair in finger
I'm shy, but I'm willing – hair is down on the left side and continuously stroking hair down
I'm flirting/I'm interested – tucks hair behind ear
 do it! – take a handful of hair with both hands just above the ears, mess it a bit and flip it
Not in the mood – same as “let’s
 do it” only you use one hand and you take a handful of hair from above the forehead
Come and get me – using your left hand, run your fingers down your hair
I love you – flip to the front
I like you – flip to the back
We have to talk – covers mouth with few strands of hair using your right hand, the tip of your hair pointing to the right
Kiss me now – same as “we have to talk” only using your left hand and the tip is pointing to the left
Let's meet tonight – tug hair on the right side with right hand
I can't see you tonight – tug hair on the left side with left hand
You break my heart – takes a handful of hair and brushes down with index finger
I hate you – Flips hair without hands
Yes – taps crown once before sliding down the back

No – taps crown twice before sliding down the back